Dehairing machine


As a result of in-depth knowledge of fibers and long experience in carding and spinning technology of woollen yarn, the dehairing machine is designed to ennoble different kind of raw fibers. From cashmere to alpaca the dehairing treatment gives the natural beauty back to the fiber and elevates its inner value




The fiber is fed to the dehairing machine through the feeding belt (01) and then opened by the opening section (02). The dehairing section (03) consists of a series of special rollers transporting the fine fibers towards the doffing unit at the end without any breakage. The coarse fiber is discharged on the belt below and pneumatically collected into filtering bags. The waste collection (04) is divided in multiple sections to allow re-processing some of the waste to recover any fine fiber undesirably discarded

Working width up to 2000 mm (other dimensions available upon request)
Production capacity higher than 50 kg/h, depending on fiber type and quantity of impurities being contained
Perfect elimination of coarse hair percentage of residual coarse hair after treatment is not higher than 0.1-0.2%, as per international quality standards
High yield up to 98% of the fine fibre content no damage to or shortening of fibres

Complete scurf and any other impurities elimination from fibres