Cross lapper



Feed speed up to 150 m/min
Feed width up to 3500 mm
Fibre lap delivery width up to 15 m
Double-belt web transporting conveyor system (sandwich type)
Profile programmed compensation (fiber lap profiling) system for web distribution on the floor apron(patented)
Automated belt centring
Siemens s7-300 simotion plc- controlled parameter programming and machine control
Exclusive “data 150 cormatex” software conductive pu conveyors

Entirely made of steel, with properly sized bases projected for high speed performance and finished product width up to 15 m.
Ec-certified machine.

Web transporting system
High production speed is obtained by means of conveyors, arranged in a sandwich pattern (double belt web transporting system); they hold and guide the web throughout the whole run until the web is deposited on the floor apron. This system prevents any undesirable web tensioning and minimises the effects caused by the air turbulences due to mass displacement during web laydown. This function is very important at high speed and when very light webs are handled.

Fiberlap programmed configuration – “profile” system
The profile (patented system) is used to control the deposition of the web on the floor apron in a continuous and programmed way. Each compensation zone is individually controlled by a complex program- mer, which controls the web laydown carriage speed in real time. The fiberlap configuration is repeatable and temporary corrections are possible. Graphic display of the fiberlap configuration by simple reading diagrams reproducible on the screen.