Lap formair V



The fiber is pneumatically fed to the upper forming chamber (01) where it is condensed to form a fiber batt evenly distributed across the width of the machine. A special modulating feeding system (intermediate feed silo) guarantees an even and consistent level of material into the upper forming chamber. The material is then fed through the opening section (02) into the lower forming chamber (03) where it evenly stratifies. The lower forming chamber is pressurized by motorfans and a special controlled and autolevelling air separation system allows to perfectly control the fiber distribution as well as the final product density, even when processing heterogeneous materials.

Working width: from 1000 to 4000 mm (other options available on request)
Production capacity up to 500 kg/h per meter wide

Product weight range: from 300 to over 8000 g/m2, tdepending on the material processed

Final product thickness up to 200 mm (other options available on request)
Fiber length range: from 20 to 150 mm (other options available on request)
Maximum density deviation: ± 5%

Fiber orientation: randomly distributed on vertical layers