Wool deburring machine


Designed and patented in 1994 the wool deburring machine is still capable of expressing the best Cormatex nature and philosophy. It uses the mechanic as a single tool to simplify the cleaning of raw wool. The wool fibers are cleaned by a series of rollers, no water, no fiber breakage, no chemical agent




This model was specially designed to maximise the process flexibility, by allowing to process different wool types even containing high percentage of vegetable impurities. This version significantly improves the cleaning power of the machine.

01. Feed belt conveyor
02. First deburring cylinder
03. Transport rollers (slp-2)
04. Second deburring cylinder (slp-2)
05. Doffing roller
06. Delivery motorfan
07. Wastes and vm collecting belt conveyor

Working width up to 2000 mm (other dimensions available upon request) Production capacity higher than 300 kg/h, depending on the fiber type and the impurity content
Available versions:
model SLP-1 with single cylinder
model SLP-2 with double cylinder
Process main features: no breakage or shortening of the fiber being processed
Unscoured greasy wool processable to improve the efficiency of the following scouring process