From 14 to 16 March Cormatex will exhibit at ISPA EXPO 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), the world’s largest trade show exclusively for the sleep products industry. This show is a great opportunity for us to promote our special Airlay systems Lap Formair V and Lap Formair H both capable to convert waste materials from mattress industry into new valuable nonwoven products.

Thanks to the wide versatility of our Airlay technologies we proved to be successfull in processing PU foam waste, Latex waste, mattress covers, felts and thicking materials in general both as post-industrial and post-consumer waste. These materials can be blended with virgin or recycled fibers to achieve nonwoven products with interesting performance of resiliency and thermal and acoustic insulation: see some pictures of samples produced on our lines with these wastes.

scarti waste

Few years ago we supplied in France the first complete line for used mattress recycling: this line produces new mattress components from the materials recovered from dismantling and recycling used mattresses.

installation installation installation

Considering the growing demand for used mattress recycling solutions in the US, Cormatex’ presence at ISPA Expo 2018 will be essential to support our efforts in promoting in the US the same successfull experience we had in Europe.

Used Mattress disposal is no longer a problem thanks to Cormatex Airlay systems!

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