ANEX 2018

From 6 to 8 June Cormatex will exhibit at ANEX 2018 in Tokyo, one of the most important exhibition of Asia for nonwoven sector. The last two ANEX events were held in South Korea (Seoul) and China (Shanghai) and attracted a great number of exhibitors and visitors.
We are expecting that ANEX 2018 will be visited by numerous high quality companies in technical textile and nonwovens business, that’s why we decided to take part to this event for the first time in our history.

For many years now, Cormatex has strengthened his trading relations with Japan thanks also to its reinforced cooperation with a local representative/distribution company with long and successful experience on the market.

Cormatex Machinery portfolio for Nonwovens includes Opening and blending systems for virgin fibers, post-industrial and post-consumer waste materials, Carding & Cross Lapping technology“Lap Formair V” (an Airlay system producing a perfectly Vertical fiber orientation in the final product) with a very wide weight range up to 10.000 gsm and excellent resiliency and thermal and acoustic insulation properties, “Lap Formair H” (a unique Airlay system creating a perfectly Horizontal fibers orientation in the final product) providing high mechanical properties even at low weights (100 gsm) and capable of processing very short fibers as well as powder resin, Longitudinal and cross cutting machines (high speed cross cutter with flying blade) combined with edge trim recycling machines of various configurations, automatic winders.

Processed materials can be either natural or synthetic fibers, as well as glass, carbon, basalt and ceramic fibers, waste materials such as leather, garment and mattress, waste from tyre, recycled paper and cardboard.

The huge variety of products obtained from Cormatex  Nonwovens Lines perfectly matches the particular interest of Japanese market for automotive and high-tech nonwoven applications.

Come and visit us at our Booth 2242 East Hall, if you wish to discover more about our technologies.

We’ll find a taylor-made solution to satisfy your needs!

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