Cormatex intervention at the the 15th International Forum of environmental journalism

Our Managing Director Luca Querci has intervened at the 15th International Forum of environmental journalism organized by Greenaccord Onlus  and the region of Tuscany.
We took the opportunity to present our business experiences with environmental value, focusing in particular on a plant that we have recently built for a French customer and that applies our mattress recycling technologies.

The recycling process we developed includes a preliminary sanitization of the used mattresses, followed by a manual dismantling and separation of different components: textile, PU foam, Latex, Wood and Steel. Wood, Steel and some of the textile fibers such as coconut and wool are recycled through state of the art processes or sold for various applications. The remaining textile, PU foam and Latex wastes are transferred to the Cormatex line to be converted into new mattress components. The result is the production of new mattresses, duly certified and guaranteed in quality, from used mattresses. One of these line can recycle up to 120.000 mattresses per year and provides a huge contribution to the quality of the environment.

Other projects still under development with the same Cormatex Airlay technology focus on Tire Cord recycling (a waste material resulting from used tires recycling processes) as well as Used Clothes recycling: several applications in Automotive and Building construction sectors are currently under testing and validation thanks to a complete Airlay Pilot Line installed at Cormatex Research Center in Prato.

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