Research is much more than a way to develop new technologies, it is the path to walk together to our customers. Testing is much more than a way to improve your knowledge, it is our tool to develop customized solutions. Innovation is much more than a technical goal, it is our way of providing a service. A project to be developed in cooperation with our customers is much more than a challenge for success, it is our passion.


Cormatex technologies are available to customers at our factory.

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Pilot Line

In 2008 Cormatex has opened its R&D Center where an Airlay line has been installed, including all the special technologies the company developed for nonwoven production. The line includes an Opening and Blending section especially designed to be really flexible in term of fibers and  waste materials that can be processed. Such a section includes also a Grinding machine to pre-treat some waste materials to the airlay process and various types of Opening systems to prepare fibers and materials for the following process. The Forming section includes our 2 Airlay systems “Lap formair V” and “Lap formair H” that can be combined together to make composite products with unique features or work separately.

The Bonding sections consists of a Thermobonding Oven and a Needle Punching machine, followed by our Longitudinal and Cross Cutting machine. The line configuration is extremely versatile and allows processing both small batches as well as long runs: the latter allows producing enough quantity of samples for both validating the product performance through lab testing and to perform preliminary marketing activities.

Through such an important investment, Cormatex business approach shifted from the supply of nonwoven machinery to the development of specific solutions for our customer needs, including new product development in cooperation with them.

Besides designing and production of machines, other important services are nowadays part of Cormatex proposal as described below: such a new approach differentiates Cormatex offer from its competitors and proposes our company as a reliable partner for the development of innovative technical textiles on the international markets.

1) Bale opener
2) Transversal collecting belt + primary opener
3) Oiling chamber
4) Automatic blending bin
5) Fine opener

6) Intermediate feed silo
7) Lap formair V
8) Lap formair H
9) Needle punching machine
10) Thermobonding oven

11) Longitudinal and cross cutter
12) Granulator
13) waste material shredder
14) storage bin

Wool deburring machine

Wool Deburring Machine

The wool deburring machine has the function of completely eliminating the vegetable or other impurities present in the virgin wool, through a totally mechanical process.

This results in a significant increase in productivity in the subsequent carding and spinning processes, in addition to a considerable reduction in purchase costs.

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Dehairing machine

Dehairing Machine

The dehairing machine has been designed for the complete separation of fine and most valuable fibers (such as cashmere, angora, alpaca or other) from the coarse ones of the outer layer (called jars), which cannot be used in subsequent carding and spinning processes.

If you are a manufacturer or trader of noble yarns, do not hesitate to contact us for a test on the machine.

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