Automatic blending bin

The machine was designed to optimise the process of fibre blending. It consists of a fibre storage bin and a stationary bin emptier that picks up the various fibre layers that are deposited on a horizontal conveyor, provided with intermittent movement.

A constant pressure value, obtained by means of the moving wall (optional) installed on the bottom of the chamber, guarantees the steady pick-up of the fibres from the bin. Bin fibres filling is made by means of fixed or telescopic cyclones or movable mouths.

Process flow

Automatic blending bin

The automatic blending bin is fed by means of a rotating or movable mouth (01) (as well as through movable feed condenser) so that to evenly distribute the pre-mixed material into horizontal layers (02). During the feeding of the bin the material is fed to the inclined spiked belt (04) by the horizontal feeding belt (03). The inclined spiked belt vertically cuts the horizontal layer so that to guarantee a perfect blending of various components. The picked-up fibres are transferred to the following process stages by a delivery suction system (05)


Lines on which it can be used

Needle punching line

Thermobonding Line

Airlaying Line

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