Bale opener

This machine feeds the fibre, usually available in form of pressed bales, into the preparation (fibre opening and blending) cycle. It guarantees the preliminary opening and a constant fibre feeding, thus optimising the process during the following stages. The loading section is composed of a variable-speed belt conveyor. One or more fibre bales can be placed on the loading surface, depending on the machine width. The fibres pick-up is carried out by an inclined spiked belt, equipped with a fibre dosing roller and a precision fibre discharging roller.

Process flow

Bale opener

The material, usually available as pressed bales (01), is transferred by the feeding belt (02) to the inclined spiked belt (03). The conical pins of the belt open the fibres and take them to the discharging roller (05). The dosing roller (04) plays a crucial role during the fibre feed phase and guarantees that a constant material quantity is fed to the following process phases, by allowing at the same time a preliminary fibre opening process

Bale loading width: 2000 to 4000 mm (options available upon request)
Bale loading length: up to 15000 mm (options available upon request) Machine output: up to 3000 kg/hour (depending on the type of fibre in process and machine width)

Constant fibre feeding
Variable speed coneyor belt loading fibres pick-up by an inclined spiked belt
Fibre dosing roller and precision fibre discharging roller


Lines on which it can be used

Wool deburring line

Opening and Blending line

Woollen spinning line


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