Carding machine

The long tradition and experience gained by our company in the textile sector, coupled with the most modern design and construction techniques allowed us manufacturing high performance carding machines model CFS, with flexible configurations in order to process every kind of natural or synthetic fiber (both raw or regenerated) with the maximum performance in terms of end product quality and productivity. Our carding technology allows achieving a perfectly blended and even fiber web, which are essential features to help high quality and productivity achievements even on the machines that follow the card.

Process flow

Carding machine

Base and load-bearing structure in heat-treated steel (870°c) / cylinder made of rectified and reinforced thick steel sheet / worker rollers made of centrifuged duraluminium / electronic-digital dynamic and static balancing of all cylinders and rollers / cast iron roller supports assembled with special patented shock-absorbers / uniblock antivibration construction system for modular units / possibility of installation on separate basements in steel, or on concrete walls or on pit foundation / working widths: 2500 mm – 3000 mm – 3500 mm (others on request) / independent feed by electronic micro-weigh hoppers, volumetric feeders or continuous feed towers / off-take unit with double doffer and/or single doffer / randomizing rollers available upon request for each doffer / web takeoff with doffing comb (various models), or doffing rollers / centralized control and management of the machine by standing control panel plc programmer for program management with exclusive software (on request) / electrical wiring and electronic circuitry to ip standard (ul in the u.S.) / safety cutoffs and safety mechanisms certified according to ec standards / ac motors and inverter adjustable from the control panel

01. Feed group / 02. Breast roller workers / 03. Breast roller strippers / 04. Breast roller / 05. Card/ 06. Card workers / 07. Card strippers / 08. Top doffer / 09. Top random group / 10. Bottom doffer / 11. Bottom random group / 12. Main transmission drive / 13. Card feed table with continuous weighing system

Indipendent drive the main transmission drive is provided of a latest generation electronic control system that allows driving the machine from the control panel directly, thus permitting the maximum operative flexibility by granting the best machine performance both in terms of quality and production capacity with any type of fiber processing. The drive of the various machine groups is independent and inverter driven, so as to guarantee independent speed settings. The main motor drive (12) allows adjusting the general machine performance by setting the speed of the breast roller (04) and the one of the main cylinder (05)

Lines on which it can be used

Needle punching line

Thermobonding Line

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