Carding willow

Machine developed to maximise fibre opening operations, as well as for the preliminary blend of the various fibre components, especially in the process of long staple fibres. The machine is equipped with a pair of feed rollers, a main cylinder equipped with three pairs of working and stripping rollers, controlled by an inverter that guarantees the accurate adjustment of the working speed, to ensure high working flexibility and process quality.

Process flow

Carding willow flow

The fiber is pneumatically fed to the carding willow through a feed condenser (01) or an aspirated cyclone (direct feeding by automatic feeder is also available) and collected into a silo (02) that forms an even fiber batt on the feeding belt of the machine (03). Opening and blending action is achieved by the main drum (04) and 3 pair of workers and strippers (05). The opened fibers are then sucked out (06) to be fed to the next machine in the process.

Working width: 1000 to 1800 mm
Process of new or regenerated fibers
Production capacity up to 2500 kg/hour
The machine features: steel drum (diameter 1000 mm)
3 pairs of workers and strippers with special wire covering
High degree of fiber opening and blending
Material feeding from cyclone, feed condenser or automatic feeder. Adjustable rotation speed of the main cylinder, depending on the type of fibers being processed
Profiled metal wire to minimise fiber breaking/shortening


Lines on which it can be used

Wool deburring line

Opening and Blending line

Woollen spinning

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