The cashmere dehairing line has been designed for a complete separation of the thin and finest fibres (14-15 micron) from the coarse hair of the outer coat, which cannot be used in the following carding and spinning processes.

Therefore, this technology is designed both for dehaired cashmere fibres sellers and cashmere yarns and fabrics/sweaters producers.

The main advantages are:

  1. perfect elimination of coarse hair. percentage of residual coarse hair after treatment is not higher than 0.1-0.2%, as per international quality standards.
  2. high yield – up to 98% of the fine fibre content.
  3. no damage to or shortening of fibres.
  4. considerable raw material purchasing cost cutting for cashmere products manufacturers.
  5. complete scurf and any other impurities elimination from fibres.

Process flow

Dehairing line flow

01. Automatic feeder
02. Dehairing machine
03. Pneumatic transportation into a storage bin






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