Fine opener

Newly-designed machine for continuous feeding of fibres to nonwoven lines. The fine opening of the fibres guarantees the homogenous and constant feeding to the following process stages. The fibres are gradually opened between the feed roller (or feed rollers, depending on the fibre) and the main roller, as well as between the main roller and the adjustable stripping plates. The final result will be the pre-carding of the materials. The fibres are now in the optimal condition to be either fed to Card for the following fibre paralelization phase and also for the formation of the lap of fibre by the airlay systems, with an optimised efficiency and quality

Process flow

The fibers coming from the feed condenser being assembled on the top of the feed chamber (01) drops into the volumetric chamber (02), gets compacted and is fed to the feeding system (04) by means of the feed rollers (03). The feeding system conveys the fibers to the main cylinder (05) by working at a very narrow distance, so as to obtain a fine fibre opening degree. The fibers are delivered to the machine that follows in line by a fiber delivery hopper (06) and a motorfan.


Lines on which it can be used

Needle punching line

Thermobonding Line

Airlaying Line

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