Mule spinning frame

The mule spinning frame guarantees the production of high-quality woollen yarns.

Main advantages of the mule spinning frame:

1) continuous draft on a 3 to 6 m- field, well above the ring spinning system. Recent laboratory tests confirmed that draft is more natural (no fibre or yarn stress) and homogenous, because the tensile force is spread across a much wider path length

2) Continuous yarn twist (without the false twist of the ring spinning system)

The yarn is constantly twisted before and after being spooled, thus preventing the uneven fibre relief on the winding axis and keeping the Uster uniformity index extremely high. The risk of ends breakage during the drafting operation is reduced when short and/or fine fibres are present, such as cashmere and angora or fibres of different type, fineness and length.

Process flow

Mule spinning frame

l1= spindle gauge x spindles number
Path length – l2
3000 mm – 4,5 m
4000 mm – 5,5 m
5000 mm – 6,5 m
6000 mm – 7,5 m

No. of spindles (max) ** upon request
Path length: 3000 to 6000 mm
Spindle speed: 0-12000 rpm
Spindle bar length: mm 320
Drafting percentage: up to 55% depending on fiber processed
Drive: brushless motors
Power: 98 kw
Positioning of controls: on machine headstock

Tension control system
The accurate tension control system of the spooling and yarn tension fallers guarantees a perfect cop formation

Control system
A computerised system controls all the machine functions, including the carriages movement, the feed carriage speed, the adjustment of yarn feed speed and drafting percentages, the reverse speed, the spooling speed and the cops formation

Lines on which it can be used

Woollen spinning lines


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