Oil emulsion system

Oil emulsion preparation device

This device prepares the oil emulsion to be applied to the fibres during the opening and blending cycle. It consists of two stainless steel tanks, each having a capacity of 200 litres. Manual valves allow the pump, being installed above the tanks, sucking the emulsion from either tank alternatively.

The machine is equipped with two graduated level indicators (one per tank) to facilitate the inspection of the tank content. Drainage devices allow the tanks to be separately emptied as well as regularly cleaned and maintained.

Oil emulsion chamber

The machine is projected for the automatic and continuous application of oil emulsion to any type of fibre blend. Thanks to the fine spray/injecting nozzles being assembled and the possibility to adjust the emulsioning quantity according to the type of fibre blend in process, the device guarantees a very even distribution of the oil emulsion on the material. The oil emulsion cycle is controlled by air pressure, so that all the fibres can be evenly lubricated. The machine is totally made of stainless steel, equipped with electric eyes, so as to allow oil emulsion application in presence of fibres only. At the end of the cycle, the material is transported to the following machine by means of a motorfan.

Process flow

Oil emulsion system

The oil emulsion being prepared in the tanks (01) is fed under pressure to the oiling chamber (05) by means of the pump (02). The spray/injecting nozzles (04) evenly apply the oil emulsion on the fibre blend in process, which is pneumatically transferred into the chamber through the feeding duct (03) and hence to the exit (B), ready for the following steps


Lines on which it can be used

Needle punching line

Thermobonding Line

Airlaying Line

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