Primary opener

Machine projected for the first stage of fibre opening and blending. The primary opener is fed by a fibre collecting conveyor or by a cyclone. The main cylinder is covered with conical pins with different configuration and population (pins density) according to the type of fibre being processed. The machine generally works in tandem with a fine fibre opener model SF-1C whenever a very efficient fibre opening degree is required to be achieved.

Process flow

Primary opener

The material is transferred by the conveyor belt (01) towards the feed rollers (03) and compacted by the feed pressing belt (02). The feed rollers (03) feed the fibres to the main cylinder (04) and hold the fibres tightly by means of air cylinders, thus maximising the opening effect of the fibres. The processed fibres are delivered to the following machine by the hopper (05) and a downstream motorfan.


Lines on which it can be used

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