The automatic wool deburring line has been designed for the complete separation of fibre from vegetable impurities through a totally mechanical process (wool deburring). This technology is ideal for both those who process and market wool fibre (fibre chemical carbonization process and/or fibre preparation for spinning process), and for those who manufacture high-quality wool yarns and sweaters/fabrics.

The main advantages are:

  1. Perfect elimination of dust and vegetable impurities, along with skin pieces in the event that tanning wool is being processed.
  2. No damage to or shortening of the fibres being processed and hence no drop in the quality of the fibres themselves.
  3. Increase in productivity of the following carding and spinning processes with significant raw material cost decreasing.
  4. No environmental impact and considerable risk reduction for operator’s health and safety.

Process flow

Wool deburring line flow

01. Bale opener
02. Wool deburring machine
03. Step cleaner








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