The longstanding tradition and experience acquired in the textile sector, along with the employment of modern design and manufacturing techniques, have enabled the development and creation of high performance woollen spinning lines, with extremely flexible configurations, capable of processing any type of natural and/or manmade fibres (both virgin and regenerated), while maximising quantity and quality output.

The application sectors covered by this technology range from coarse yarns, to average/fine yarns, to fine and extra-fine yarns, with a particular specialisation in processing high quality fine fibres such as cashmere, camel hair, angora, llama, vicuña, guanaco, etc., with yarn count range up to Nm 60 in cashmere-silk blends.

Process flow

linea carding

01. Electronic micro-weighing hopper feeder
02. First carding group with broad band feed
03. Second carding group
04. Parallel lapper

05. Third and fourth carding group
06. Tape condenser (single-tape type)
07. Mule spinning frame






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