Cormatex is pleased to offer its customers a series of services, with the aim of offering customized solutions capable of satisfying the most diverse needs.

Our services

Consulting on Material Potential

Thanks to our long experience side by side with the textile industry and to the activities conducted in our R&D Center, our technical team developed not only a deep mechanical know how but also specific knowledge on fibers and various textile processes. For this reasons

Cormatex is nowadays ready to support its customers on new project development aimed at:

  • recycling various types of waste materials (textile and non-textile wastes)
  • develop innovative products with high performance and reduced costs
  • develop new applications 
  • improve specific performance of existing products on the market

Our vast experience on different fibers and waste materials processing allows our engineers to intersect multi-sectorial knowledge and take advantage of the special features of our Airlay systems to develop technical textiles with innovative and unique properties.

Payback Period Calculation:

Together with technical support for new product development Cormatex offers an interesting economic study of the project consisting on a detailed cost analysis of our production line and related business plan based on the specific line configuration proposed. Such an analysis allows determining the feasibility and sustainability of the project and indicates how long is the payback time if investing in a Cormatex production line.

The study is also very interesting to evaluate how much raw materials are needed to fulfill the annual line productivity and what market share will be covered by the line.

Maintenance and Assistance

Our after-sale service includes Spare parts supply, On-site assistance with our technicians and Remote assistance in case the supplied machines are equipped with the Teleservice Assistance system.

Spare parts requests can be submitted with the following form (TASTO) and will be executed in the shortest possible time thanks to our large spare parts stock for immediate shipment.

In case of On-site assistance request or Remote assistance request Cormatex guarantees a technical response within the following 8 working hours so that to provide immediate technical support and arrange a proper intervention in the shortest possible time.

Accetto l'informativa per il trattamento dei dati.

Definition of Line Layout

Every commercial proposal developed by our sales team is usually followed by a detailed line layout where the exact machines positioning is studied by our engineers in order to optimize the space occupation and provide a highly efficient production process. Machine positioning is always adapted to the building configuration and to other equipment already installed, if any. 

Besides production line layout other technical information are provided such a electrical connections layout, pipelines for fiber transportation and dust extraction layout, as well as all other utilities that are needed for the line (compressed air, natural gas etc. etc.). All the assistance is also guaranteed so that Cormatex line installation is adequately prepared and performed in the shortest possible time.

Trials on Cormatex Pilot Line

A wide variety of experimentation can be arranged in our R&D Center. Specs for testing and detailed trial plans are discussed with our customers so that to indicate quantity and types of materials to be provided by our customers. The trials are conducted by our technical team and the presence of our customer is highly recommended in order to receive a direct feedback from the tests and therefore optimize the R&D activities. The testing is usually organized in trial days according to the number of testing and quantity of samples to be produced.

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