Cormatex started its business in 1938.
Following the earliest experiences as a machine shop for the repair and modernisation of carding-room assortments for the wool industry, which was experiencing a strong growth especially in the Prato textile district where the company has always run its business, the activity developed with the design and construction of carding machines and intermittent spinning machines. The first Cormatex patents were applied for in the early post-war period.

In the early ‘60s Cormatex further developed its production to include the nonwoven fabric sector.

In 1978, when the second generation started managing the company, Cormatex opened to foreign markets, which marked the beginning of a powerful stage of expansion of the company’s sales network in every corner of the world.

At the same time, the corporate know-how consolidated and the production range expanded to include the manufacture of complete lines, both in the area of carded spinning and in that of non-woven fabrics.

Today, the third generation has become part of the Cormatex management, thus adding new strengths to the family business, displaying the same passion and enthusiasm of the founder. The three generations are working together, combining experience and tradition with drive and innovation to guarantee the consolidation of the leadership reached at a worldwide level in the fields of carded spinning and of non-woven fabrics.

  • Tutto ha inizio nel…
  • Mr. Guastino Guasti founded the company

    1938 start of business
  • The first Mule Spinning Frame is developed and presented to an exhibition in Prato

    1946 prima spinning
  • The company designs its first Carding set model LMG57

  • The company starts developing technology for nonwovens (cards CFS1 + CRG15, cross lappers FR50 and cutting systems GT)

    1960 tnt
  • The first Cashmere Dehairing machine is developed in cooperation with loal fine cashmere yarn manufacturer

  • Mr. Riccardo Querci joins the company becoming its President and Cormatex starts exporting (or doing business abroad)

  • Cormatex starts exporting in South Korea and China

    1985-86 chinese and korean market opening
  • The Wool Deburring machine is developed and patented

  • A 15 m wide Cross Lapper is designed and supplied to an importa US paper felt manufacturer (customer)

    2005 15 m tnt lapper
  • The 3rd generation joins Cormatex and the first Airlay system (lap formair V) is developed

    2006 third generation entry
  • The company opens its Research Center and installs a complete 1 m wide Airlay pilot line for customer trials and product development

  • Cormatex pilot line is moved to a larger building. The line is widened to 2 meters and completed with Vertical and Horizontal Airlay, opening and blending equipment, thermobonding and needle punching, high speed cross cutter.

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