ITMA 2019

From the 20th to the 26th of June Barcelona will host ITMA 2019, the most important textile and garment technology exhibition, where industries from various sectors converge every four years to showcase innovative ideas, effective solutions and collaborative partnerships for business growth.

As for over the last 30 years, Cormatex won’t miss the opportunity to participate, showing  its know how and expertise in developing special projects and technologies for nonwovens and woollen spinning.



Nonwoven market is moving towards recycling solutions and lower production costs. Cormatex technologies offer both these advantages thanks to the capability of processing almost every kind of waste material (post-industrial as well as post-consumer waste) therefore reducing the final product cost.

In addition to that, Cormatex special Airlay systems perfectly meet the increasing demand for reduction of environmental impact of the industries all over the world: that’s why our main focus for the last 15 years has been to help our customers creating successful business models on Waste Recycling.


Woollen spinning

Our long experience in woollen spinning technology manufacturing has been recently focused mainly on cashmere production as well as other high quality fibers such as extra-fine wool, alpaca, vicuna, llama and so on. Our latest developments in this field regard unique technologies for cashmere and other special fibers dehairing (a mechanical process to separate coarse fibers, that are not suitable for high quality spinning process, from fine ones without damaging or shortening the fibers) as well as our Wool Deburring machine to clean raw wool from vegetable impurities prior to be fed to the spinning process. Both systems are aimed to improve the quality and productivity of the spinning process without any chemical treatment therefore by minimizing the environmental impact of the spinning process itself.


At our booth this year we will exhibit:


  • Our Horizontal Airlay machine “Lap formair H”, that is an aerodynamic web forming machine designed to be capable of processing different types of fibers, virgin or recycled, as well as various waste materials and convert them in high performing nonwoven products for different applications (furniture, mattress, automotive, thermal and acoustic insulation, agriculture and so on). Among the key feature of this machine there are the possibility of processing fibers and non-fibrous materials, very short fibers down to 1 mm length and lower, producing a weight range from 100 gsm to over 5000 gsm with extremely high production capacity (up to 500 kg/h per meter width). Another unique feature is the possibility of processing powder resins as an alternative to low melting fibers, with a very efficient and low maintenance design compared to other machines existing on the market.
  • Our High Speed Cross Cutting machine model PLOT, that is specially designed to perform a very precise and straight cut without stopping the line and is the only viable solution for cross cutting stiff and/or very thick materials. Our new design allows very high cross cutting frequency (cutting cycle lower than 2 seconds – it means that we can cut a 600 mm long panel at a line speed over 12 m/min) and the possibility of assembling different types of blades such as scissors cut, pressure cut or running blade for thin and thick materials up to over 200 mm.
  • Our Waste Recycling Gallery, a selection of various nonwoven samples, ranging from very short fibers such as recycled leather waste or recycled paper products, to various types of vegetable fibers and wood fibers as well as special fibers such as carbon fiber and basalt fiber products or samples made of recycled PU Foam or tire cord waste. All these materials show how Cormatex can assist our customers in creating successful business models based on Circular Economy thanks to our Airlay technologies and long time expertise in innovation and new products development.



Come and visit us at our booth D211 in Hall 5!!

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