Volumetric feeder

The machine was designed and developed to feed the fibres continuously to the following carding phase, while keeping the volume of fed material under control. The fibres in the volumetric chamber are compacted by means of vibrating walls. The fibres are homogenously fed to the volumetric chamber by a dosing roller.

Process flow

Volumetric feeder

Working width: 1500 to 4000 mm
Output: up to 1000 kg/h

01. Horizontal feed conveyor
02. Inclined spiked conveyor
03. Fibre dosing roller
04. Fibre discharging roller
05. Volumetric chamber
06. Vibrating walls

The material is dropped onto the conveyor (01) and intermittently forwarded towards the inclined spiked conveyor (02). The latter picks up the fibres and opens them by the dosing roller (03), by furtherly taking the fibres to the discharging roller (04). Before being discharged, the extra material is rejected by the dosing unit (03) and taken back to the conveyor (01), so that a steady fibre quantity is supplied to the following carding phase. The steady feeding quantity is guaranteed by the transition of the material through the volumetric chamber (05); the material will then be discharged on the feed belt of the card after being compacted by the vibrating walls (06).


Lines on which it can be used

Needle punching line

Thermobonding Line

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